PUBLISHED FOR COMMENT: Second Draft of the Adjustable Block Program REC Delivery Contract

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The Illinois Power Agency, through its Procurement Administrator and Adjustable Block Program (“ABP”) Administrator and in consultation with the Ameren Illinois Company, Commonwealth Edison Company, MidAmerican Energy Company, and the Staff of the Illinois Commerce Commission (as required by the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan or “Plan”), has developed a second draft of its ABP REC Delivery Contract (“Second Draft Contract”), which takes into account comments received from stakeholders on the first draft of the ABP REC Contract previously published on December 7, 2018 (“First Draft Contract”).

Comments on this Second Draft Contract are due by 5:00 PM CPT on January 18, 2019 to [email protected]. Once finalized, this contract will serve as the standard contract form for the delivery of RECs under the ABP.   More information for stakeholders about changes in this draft and next steps in the contract development process can be found in the Second Draft Contract Announcement linked below.

Second Draft Contract Announcement (11 January 2019)

Second Draft REC Contract (11 January 2019)

Redline (reflects the differences between the First Draft Contract posted on 7 December 2018 and the Second Draft Contract posted on 11 January 2019)