Revised Program Guidebook Released 2/26/21

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The Program Administrator and the Illinois Power Agency (IPA) are pleased to announce the release of a revised version of the Program Guidebook.

The revised Program Guidebook has been updated from the November 18, 2020 version.  It contains minor changes and updates.  Notable changes include edits that clarify that all blocks of the Program are full, updates to the requirements for systems with a battery backup, and an explanation of the updated batching process.

As the changes made to the Guidebook in this revised version are not significant, the IPA and Program Administrator determined that a stakeholder feedback process for these revisions was not necessary.

redline comparison of the November 18, 2020 and February 26, 2021 Program Guidebooks is also available on the Adjustable Block Program website.

The Program Administrator and the IPA plan to release updated versions of the Program Guidebook on a quarterly basis.