Signature Bundling for Community Solar Disclosure Forms Spanish Version and API Available

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The Program Administrator has released a Spanish version of the previously released Signature Bundling for Community Solar Disclosure Forms feature. Please note, this feature is only for nonresidential subscribers. It allows Approved Vendors and Designees to select Spanish or English as the preferred language for correspondence when bundling Community Solar Disclosure Forms together for e-signature. The signer of the bundled Disclosure Forms must be a person or a representative of the entity that is the end user of the underlying utility account(s). Intermediaries, such as energy management entities or account management entities, may not sign disclosure forms on behalf of a potential subscriber.

When using this feature the potential subscriber will receive an email in their preferred language, which is selected by the Approved Vendor or Designee when creating the Disclosure Forms, containing a table summary of all Disclosure Forms bundled together for signature. Potential subscribers will still have the option to view the full PDF of each Disclosure Form in the bundle before signing.

Approved Vendors and Disclosure Form Designees can access this feature in the Vendors tab of the ABP portal through the Community Solar Disclosure Form Dashboard or by utilizing the API.   Approved Vendors and Designees can obtain API access by contacting the Program Administrator.

If you have any questions regarding this new portal feature or would like to utilize the API functionality for the ABP portal, please reach out to the Program Administrator at [email protected] or at 877-783-1820.