Process for Uncontracted Capacity Reallocation for 2023-24 Program Year

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Pursuant to changes to the IPA Act made through P.A. 102-0662 requiring that uncontracted capacity for Illinois Shines be redistributed after the close of a Program year, and based on guidance from both Section 7.3.5 of the 2022 Long-Term Plan and the Equity Eligible Contractor (“EEC”) block changes as outlined in the ICC’s Order on Reopening in Docket 22-0231, the Agency with the support of the Program Administrator re-allocated capacity for Program Year 2023-2024.

The Agency developed a memo, Process for Uncontracted Capacity Reallocation for 2023/2024 Program Year providing background, and outlining the steps the IPA and Program Administrator (collectively referred to as “the Agency” here) took to re-allocate capacity from the 2022-2023 Program year to 2023-2024 Program year, inclusive of both the process outlined in the Long-Term Plan and the ICC’s Order. Reallocated capacity and block sizes for the 2023-2024 Program year were released on June 1, 2023. In reviewing allocations made for that release, the Agency determined that three errors were made, as described below. The memo corrects for those errors, and updated blocks size have been posted to the program website.