Advance of Capital Authorizations for Equity Eligible Contractors Temporarily Paused

Summary A feature of the Equity Accountability System, as established by the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, is the ability of Equity Eligible Contractors (EECs) to request an advance of a portion of REC Contract value prior to the associated project’s Energization. This capital advancement pre-energization constitutes a significant departure from the standard structure utilized […]

Illinois Power Agency Issues Illinois Shines Program Year 2022-2023 End of Year Report and State of the Program Communication

The Illinois Power Agency (IPA) today issued its Illinois Shines Program Year 2022-2023 End of Year Report, and a State of the Program communication prepared by its Illinois Shines Program Administrator, Energy Solutions. Illinois Shines is a state-administered incentive program implemented by the IPA supporting the development of new solar projects through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits, or […]

Community-Driven Community Solar Applications, 2023-2024 TCS Timeline, Portal Roadmap Posted

The IPA announces new information related to Program News, Ongoing Operations Updates, Application Processing Updates, Ongoing Program Portal Updates, and other Requirements and Reminders. The full announcement is available here. Topics covered include the following: Program News Ongoing Operations Updates Application Processing Updates Ongoing Program Portal Updates Requirements and Reminders