Disciplinary Actions Report

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The Program Administrator has created a new public report of disciplinary actions involving Approved Vendors/Designees that have been found to have violated Program guidelines. This public report has been developed in the interests of fairness, transparency, and awareness to help ensure that all Approved Vendors/Designees are aware of disciplinary decisions, and thus do not unknowingly partner with Approved Vendors/Designees that are suspended from the Program. The report is also designed to provide information to potential project hosts, installers, and other interested parties.
The report will include the following information regarding each disciplinary decision:
  • Approved Vendor/Designee Name
  • Approved Vendor or Designee?
  • Reason for Suspension
  • Suspension Status
  • Date of Suspension Decision and Effective Start Date of Suspension
  • Date Suspension Concludes
  • Length of Suspension
  • Appeal Submitted?
  • Date of Appeal Receipt
  • Status of Appeal
  • Appeal Determination
  • Date of Appeal Determination
  • Other Information
This report will be updated on a weekly basis to ensure that the information is up to date and serves as a reliable resource. It is the responsibility of Approved Vendors/Designees to remain informed of this information as the Program Administrator will not send out specific communications each time that an addition or other change is made to the report. For violations or disciplinary decisions that are egregious and outside the norm, or when other circumstances warrant it, the Program Administrator may provide extra communication to Approved Vendors regarding the decision. Please contact the Program Administrator at [email protected] or  (877) 783-1820 with any questions on this process.