Restoration of Portal Access and Disclosure Form Capability

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Restoration of Portal Access
ABP Portal access for AVs and AVDs has been restored, after access was temporarily suspended. The suspension of Portal access allowed for the installation of a security patch, as well as the introduction of new functionality, including the ability for Approved Vendors and Approved Vendor Designees to generate Disclosure Forms and send them for e-signature.

Login and Password Resets

Following the suspension, all users are required to reset (or newly establish) their passwords, using the Forgot Password process to establish a new, secure Portal password.

  1. At the Sign In area, click Forgot Password.
  2. At the Forgot Password screen, enter your email address that is registered with the program.
  3. Click the unique URL contained in the password reset email sent to you.
  4. Use the Password Reset tool to establish a new password.
  5. Once your password is accepted, you will be brought into the system to your landing page.Please note that usernames are case sensitive.

Generating Disclosure Forms and Submitting for E-Signature

  • The ability to create PDF Disclosure Forms for Distributed Generation and Community Solar is now active.
    • This requires the inclusion of the Approved Vendor for both DG and CS forms
    • For Community Solar, all Disclosure Forms are treated as “Project TBD” until the importing of all legacy project data into the new portal is completed
  • Available Disclosure Form actions and capabilities now include:
    • Start a Disclosure Form, and with ability to ‘resume’ entry if not completed
    • Download a Disclosure Form into PDF, and select signature type as wet-signature
    • Ability to select a Disclosure Form to be sent via e-sign
    • Download and view a PDF that was completed in the legacy Portal
    • Upload a Disclosure Form which was signed

For support on these or other items, please contact the Program Administrator at [email protected] or by calling the Program phone line at 877-783-1820.

We appreciate the continued patience, and support, of stakeholders during the transition period. As presented on our webinars, our vision is to continuously enhance the Adjustable Block Program and our partnership with stakeholders, including the support, tools, resources, and communications we provide. We thank stakeholders for their flexibility on new, modified, or workaround processes in support of the Program, as we prepare for greater growth.