Public Designee Database Now Available on ABP Websites

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The Revised Long-Term Plan describes a requirement for Approved Vendor Designees (i.e., third-party entities working with Approved Vendors that have direct interaction with end-use customers) to register and be listed on the ABP and Illinois Shines websites along with the Approved Vendors with which they’re working. The listing of Designees allows potential customers to be able to verify that a company that reaches out to them is actually a Program participant registered with the Program (and likewise will be able to review if they are listed in the Program’s consumer complaint database or the disciplinary actions report).

The Program Administrator has published a searchable Designee database available on both the ABP website (view the database here) and the Illinois Shines website (view the database here). All registered Designees have been added to this publicly facing Designee database, and the database will be updated continually to reflect new Designees. Approved Vendors and Designees can approve and remove Designees within their portal as needed, and these changes will be reflected in the Designee database.

If you have any questions about becoming a registered Designee or the Designee database, please email the Program Administrator at [email protected] or call 877-783-1820.