Update on Certification of EECs

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The Equity Eligible Contractor category is intended to “advance[e] equity across Illinois by providing access to the clean energy economy for businesses and workers from communities that have been historically excluded from economic opportunities,” and that purpose is best served by ensuring a level playing field across Equity Eligible Persons (EEPs). The IPA has concluded that it does not further the objectives of the Equity Accountability System or the Equity Eligible Contractor category of Illinois Shines for an individual EEP to serve as the majority-owner for multiple Equity Eligible Contractors. EEPs that currently serve as the majority-owner of an Equity Eligible Contractor may not submit additional requests to certify Equity Eligible Contractors for which they serve as the majority-owner EEP. However, this policy does not apply to Single-Project AVs, as the Agency recognizes the important role Single-Project AVs can play in successful financing of projects, and does not want to limit an EEP’s ability to employ business practices available to non-EEPs. The IPA will incorporate this approach into the Draft Long-Term Plan being published for public comment on August 15, 2023, but will also apply it immediately, so as to avoid having to revoke any Equity Eligible Contractors certifications that may otherwise be approved before consideration of the issue by the ICC. Stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback through comments on the Draft Long-Term Plan