Updates on Portal Functionality & Disclosure Form Requirements During Portal Downtime

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The IPA announces new information related to Program News, Transition Updates, and other Requirements and Reminders. The full announcement is available here.

A partial summary of the Announcement is as follows:

Program News

  • Disclosure Form Timing Requirement During Portal Downtime – In light of the technical issues surrounding the launch of the new Portal, the Program will allow a limited exception from the requirement that customers review and sign Disclosure Forms prior to executing their installation or subscription contract. This exception will only apply for contracts that were signed by the customer on June 30 through July 14, 2022, and the customer must still subsequently receive and sign a Disclosure Form. The requirement that customers review and sign Disclosure Forms before the contract will apply again in full starting July 15. If your company has new customers who signed a contract on June 30 through July 14 and who did not sign a Disclosure Form prior to contract execution, you must follow several specific steps outlined in this week’s Announcement to qualify for this exception. Please see the Announcement for full details including the required steps.

Transition Updates

  • Informational Webinar Resources – On Wednesday, 7/6/22, Energy Solutions hosted the second of an initial series of two informational webinars for Approved Vendors. More than 150 attendees joined this session, and Energy Solutions is sharing answers to the approximately 75 questions submitted by stakeholders. We anticipate that additional webinars and other stakeholder forums will be introduced in the near future, as we strive to be fully responsive to stakeholder questions and needs. You can view a recording and the presentation slides from the July 6th webinar, and access a summary of Questions and Answers generated from the webinar; you can also view a recording and the presentation slides from the June 28th webinar, and access a summary of Questions and Answers generated from the webinar.
  • Portal Updates and Workaround Processes – Beginning July 14, 2022 registered AVs and Designees will be able to login to the new ABP portal to generate new disclosure forms; the ability to e-sign a disclosure form will be available shortly, with additional functionality for disclosure form uploads coming soon. Soon, DFs with status Submitted, Awaiting Signature, or Complete from the legacy portal will be available to view in the new ABP portal. As noted, the ABP portal administered by the former Program Administrator is no longer available; read-only access to the legacy portal, granted on an as-needed basis and at the discretion of the IPA, can be requested by emailing IPA at [email protected].
  • Community Solar Subscription Changes During Application Pause Period – This week, a SharePoint workaround process allowing Community Solar Approved Vendors to request and fulfill Community Solar Disclosure Forms was shared on the AV Informational Webinar, as well as an Excel-based CS subscriber tracking demonstration. CS AVs wanting a Designee to have access to this CSV Disclosure Form workaround can send a request to the Program Administrator at [email protected].
  • Designee Request Form Process – Until full portal capabilities return on September 1, an option allowing Designees to manually request a new designation by an Approved Vendor via a Designee Request Form that they complete, sign and initial, and return to the AV, who then sends the completed request to Energy Solutions, will be available beginning July 20th, 2022. Please contact the Program Administrator at [email protected] or by calling the Program phone line at 877-783-1820 for support.

REMINDER: As part of the Program Administrator transition, please keep in mind that the IPA is placing a temporary pause on all ABP applications beginning July 1, 2022 through September 1, 2022. All transition updates can be found on the ABP Transition Hub webpage.

CONTACT US: For portal, application, or Program-specific questions and inquiries, please contact [email protected] or call 877-783-1820.

Requirements and Reminders

This week’s Announcement included very important reminders and details on the following items. Please see the Announcement for details on:

  • Approved Vendor Annual Report – Now Open and Due July 15, 2022
  • July Invoicing Period Coming to a Close on July 10th
  • Application Processing During Application Pause and Next ICC Submission Date
  • AV Renewals During Application Pause