Welcome to Illinois Shines Program Year 2024-25

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On behalf of the Illinois Shines program, the Illinois Power Agency and Program Administrator welcome stakeholders to Program Year 2024-25. This Program Year includes new and expanded capacity for project categories to continue the expansion of solar development in Illinois, and brings new requirements and Program features, updated Program documents, new REC prices and contracts, stakeholder resources, and more.

This message is designed as a quick reference tool to link stakeholders to some of the many critical and updated Illinois Shines resources newly available for Program Year 2024-25, final block sizes, and more.  Resources can be found at the Program website’s Documents page, Program Year Webinars page, or elsewhere at www.IllinoisShines.com.

Updated Program Documents

Other Program Requirements and Resources

Final Block Sizes Included Reallocated Capacity from the 2023-24 Program Year and Following Capacity Awards for Waitlisted Projects

Illinois Shines features annual blocks of capacity that remain open until block capacity is exhausted for the Program Year, and unused or uncontracted capacity is redistributed after the close of a Program Year. A memo outlining the steps the Agency has taken to reallocate remaining capacity from the 2023-2024 Program Year for use in the 2024-2025 Program Year, and other important information, can be found here.

The following table summarizes the results of the aforementioned allocations and the amount of capacity that will be available at the 2024-2025 Program Year opening on June 3, 2024. For a more detailed explanation of the calculations for the final block size and waitlist allocations please reference the Final Block Determinations Calculation Workbook on the Block Capacity Dashboard web page.

Please note that the capacity numbers for TCS Group A and Group B in the table below DO NOT include 20.28 MW and 39.795 MW of applications respectively that were submitted to the Program just prior to portal closure for the 2023-24 Program Year. These applications are in the process of being reviewed and scored, and thus have not yet been added to the waitlist. The Agency assumes that most (if not all) of these applications will meet requirements and will eventually be added to the waitlist. If these applications are indeed added to the waitlist, these applications will exhaust the available capacity for TCS Groups A and B for the 2024-25 Program Year, leaving 0 MW available for applications received on/after June 3, 2024.

For available Office Hours support, please see the most recent weekly Program announcement. For assistance at any time, please contact the Program Administrator at [email protected] or (877) 783-1820.

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