Application Status Lookup Tool Now Available

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The Program Administrator has added an application status lookup tool to the Illinois Shines and Adjustable Block Program websites. The application status lookup tool will allow a project host/owner, Approved Vendor, or Designee to check the status of a Distributed Generation Illinois Shines solar project application. The status can be looked up either by Disclosure Form ID or Application ID.

The tool will display the status of the application (including if it is on a waitlist), Application ID, project location by ZIP Code, project size, and Approved Vendor and Designee contact information. While no personally identifying information is displayed, some of the aforementioned project details are provided so that a user can confirm they are viewing the status of the correct project.

Project hosts/owners with additional questions on the status of an application should first contact the Approved Vendor or Designee associated with the project. For any questions that cannot be answered by the Approved Vendor or Designee, please contact the Program Administrator at [email protected] or (877) 783-1820.