Application Status Update

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Two new statuses are now live in the portal and will show in AV project reporting. These statuses are:

  • Technical Review: The application is being reviewed by our technical team. This may include technical items related to the system such as battery schematic reviews. This status is intended to provide better clarity than “Reviewed,” which was the previous status used for applications undergoing technical review. Turnaround time on technical reviews is approximately two weeks. 
  • NI Unresponsive AV: The application has a pending Need Info (NI) request. An application would be placed in this status after the AV had been contacted about the Need Info request four times by email and the Program Administrator tried to contact the AV by telephone. If the AV remains unresponsive to the request after the phone call attempt, this project will be placed in “NI Unresponsive AV” status until a response is received