Application Tips and Tricks – Common Causes of Need Info Requests

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Supplementing previous guidance, the Program Administrator seeks to continue supporting stakeholders in the avoidance of project applications entering Need Info status.

  • Earlier this Program Year the Program Administrator identified the most common causes of Need Info requests resulting from AV submission on project applications. These include:
    • Double check that the system size is entered in kW (not Watts).
    • If a customer does not have an email address, AVs/Designees need to fill out a DF email address waiver. The AV/Designee email address should not be entered in the customer email address field.
    • Consider having the DF open when entering the application information. If information is entered that is different from what is on the DF, please add a comment in the Part I Overview or in the Part II Differences section. Unexplained data discrepancies between the DF and the application results in a high percentage of applications moving to Need Info status.