Application Tips and Tricks – System Photos

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Supplementing previous guidance, the Program Administrator seeks to continue supporting stakeholders in the avoidance of project applications entering Need Info status.

  • System Photos: Project applications require the submission of a photograph depicting the entire system and are used to verify information included in the application. Insufficiently clear or detailed photographs, or the use of stock photographs (from the manufacturer) or photographs of the same equipment installed at a different project are not acceptable, and will result in a Need Info request and delay in application review. Multiple photographs can be uploaded as separate files in the “Additional Documents” area of the application or may be combined into a single document and uploaded in the “Photograph(s) of the project” area. In addition, labeling the photos within such a document is extremely helpful in aiding review by application processors.
    • Microinverters: For projects using microinverters, acceptable examples include a monitoring portal screenshot stating the inverter model number or a photograph of one of the physical inverters that was installed. If a project utilizes a module model with integrated microinverters, project-specific documentation listing the module model number installed in lieu of a unique photograph of the inverter is also acceptable.