April 13, 2023

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Features/Functionality Updates:

  • Part II Installer Information (ILABP-879) – The Portal restored the ability to submit impacted legacy Part II applications affected by update last week.
  • Disclosure Form PDF Download issue (ILABP-633) – The Program Administrator resolved an issue reported by several AVs who were unable to download unsigned DF PDFs because the initial amount in the [disclosure details] for the affected forms contained a non-numeric value.
  • DG Disclosure Form Required field validation (ILABP-737) – The field “Will the pricing terms change if the project is not selected for the Adjustable Block Program Incentive” / “Will Pricing Terms Change if no ABP Incentive?” was marked as a Required field but was allowing users to proceed when the field was empty. This has been corrected; the system will now prompt the user to complete this field before allowing to proceed to the next step when left empty. The field “The expected value of the REC incentive payment(s)” has been updated from Required, to Optional. This was originally a value calculated by the portal, but we currently do not have the calculation for the REC estimate implemented in the Disclosure Forms. The IPA allowed us to temporarily make this a non-required field.
  • DG Disclosure Form Updates (ILABP-739) – The following issues discovered in the DG Disclosure Form audit have been corrected:
    • If question “Is PV System Sale Contingent upon selection for the ABP incentive” is left blank, the validation message will now show underneath that question.
    • ZIP Code references in all Address sections should be spelled as “ZIP Code”, not be bolded, and the validation error will show “Invalid Data”.
    • “Phone” references in all Address Sections are no longer bolded and Validation errors will read “Invalid Data”
    • “Email” references in all Address Sections are no longer bolded.
    • Illinois Field in Customer Contact section will now auto populate Illinois and Not Be Editable
    • All Field headers in the sections below are no longer bolded.
    • System Purchase Information
    • System Lease Information
    • Additional Terms and Disclosures
    • System Pricing Information
    • .gov email addresses are now supported for e-signature emails.
  • Disclosure Form CSV Upload (ILABP-575) – Disclosure Form records generated from CSV upload will now populate all fields included in the template.