Blanket Extension of Energization Deadline for All Illinois Shines Projects with Energization Deadlines Between April 14 – August 15

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Due to ongoing application processing delays related to Part II verification, the Illinois Power Agency has determined that it is appropriate to grant a blanket extension to all Illinois Shines projects with Energization deadlines between April 14 – August 15, 2023. With many Part II applications submitted and awaiting review, the Agency has found it necessary to adjust the process and alleviate the burden on Approved Vendors that would otherwise be required to submit extension requests during this time. The Agency has found that the current circumstances surrounding the application backlog warrant good cause under the REC Contract for an extension for any impacted projects.

As such, the Agency will deem every contracted project with an Energization deadline from April 14 through August 15, 2023 to have an extension of six months under the relevant good cause extension clause in the appropriate REC contract (i.e., Section 5(b)(v) of the 2019 REC Contract and Section 2.4(b)(iii) of the 2021 and 2022 REC Contracts).

The Agency believes that this will greatly facilitate and streamline the process of Part II application verifications and focus program administration where the efforts are most needed – in verifying submitted applications. This will also reduce the burden on Approved Vendors to organize and submit extension requests. Furthermore, this decision will make the verification process easier for Buyers and Sellers alike and ensure that issues currently being caused by application processing delays, do not cause unintentional downstream issues in other program areas.

The Program Administrator will email the Approved Vendors that have contracted projects with an Energization deadline from April 14 through August 15, 2023, directly with the list of projects subject to this blanket extension action.

Any Approved Vendor that does not wish to have the blanket extension of six months applied to their contracted projects with an Energization deadline from April 12 through August 15, 2023, should respond to the Program Administrator and note which projects they would like to exempt from this process by April 20, 2023.

To participate in this process Approved Vendors do not need to take any action as this will be an opt-out action taken by the Program. Any Approved Vendors that do not respond to opt out of this process by the April 20, 2023, will have a six-month extension processed for all impacted projects. Relevant Schedule A documents will be updated for all impacted projects and Energization deadlines will be updated.

Please reach out with any questions related to this process using the contact information below.

Thank you for your time and patience as we continue to diligently work through the application backlog.