2023-2024 TCS Random Selection Event Results, Long-Term Plan Comments due September 29, Illinois Shines Surveys

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Traditional Community Solar Project Selection Results for Program Year 2023-2024

On June 1, 2023, Traditional Community Solar (“TCS”) for the 2023-2024 Program Year opened, allocating 60 MW of capacity to Group A and 140 MW of capacity to Group B. Additional Traditional Community Solar capacity was added to each Group, after several TCS projects submitted to the 2022-23 Program Year were withdrawn, as indicated in […]

Traditional Community Solar (TCS) Timeline for Projects Submitted June 1, 2023

All projects submitted in the 2022-2023 Program Year have been processed and scored. Projects in Group A that met the minimum waitlist score of 5 points have been added to the Group A 2023-2024 Waitlist, as there was no available capacity for these projects. Any Group A projects submitted in the 2023-2024 Program Year will […]

Find a Community Solar Project Report Update

The IPA and Program Administrator seek updated community solar project information from Approved Vendors to populate the Find a Community Solar Project report at the Illinois Shines Program website, with project-specific information known to AVs. This report is valuable to interested subscribers, the Agency, other developers, and other stakeholders. A template to like to edit […]

Traditional Community Solar Scores for Program Year 2023-2024

On June 1, 2023, Traditional Community Solar (“TCS”) capacity for the 2023-2024 Program Year opened. For the 2023-2024 Program Year, capacity available for the TCS category was60 MW for Group A and 140 MW for Group B. After capacity was allocated to the November1, 2022 submitted projects on the 2022-2023 waitlist, there was 0 MW […]

Traditional Community Solar (TCS) Timeline for Projects submitted June 1, 2023

The Agency anticipates 2023-2024 TCS project selection to follow the steps below, pending prompt responses from AVs. Projects submitted to Group A will be waitlisted and need to score a minimum 5 points to be added since there is 0 MW of capacity available. Projects submitted to Group B will be selected for capacity after […]

Notice on Changes to Block Capacity Dashboard

This week, in the course of re-batching a subset of Program Year 2022-23 Small and Large DG and TCS projects, a re-batching date incorrectly placed these projects in the 2023-24 Program year and therefore subtracted capacity against 2023-2024 block capacity allocations. As a result, users temporarily observed incorrect data for block capacity in Groups A […]