Errors in Filling Out DG Disclosure Forms

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In reviewing completed Disclosure Forms, the Program Administrator has noticed several concerning patterns of fields being completed incorrectly or incompletely, which then provides incorrect or inadequate information to the customer. When the Program Administrator finds Disclosure Forms with errors, it may require the Approved Vendor or Designee to have the customer re-sign a corrected Disclosure Form, and patterns of erroneous Disclosure Forms may lead to pre-disciplinary and disciplinary action.

The Program has created this linked resource to highlight several specific examples of errors that the Program Administrator commonly sees. In addition, please ensure that Disclosure Forms do not have typographical errors, such as accidentally entering the same number or text into multiple fields. Misplacing text or values can create cascading errors where one incorrect entry throws off remaining fields. It is also important to make sure that blocks of pasted text are not cut off.

Please ensure that your Disclosure Forms are filled out correctly and do not contain these or other errors