Extended Part II Application Processing Times

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The Program Administrator provides regular application progress updates on the Program website, including daily updates that began the week of September 18, 2023. In recent weeks, the Program Administrator has received an unusually high number of Small DG Part II applications. Due to these recurring high volumes week over week, Part II application review time is currently approximately three and a half weeks, exceeding the typical target of two-week processing. To address the queues and resume meeting the two-week processing target, the Program Administrator has shifted resources to add Part II capacity to the processing team. The Program Administrator continues to prioritize the review of applications based upon the submission date.  

The Program Administrator is committed to restoring review times to the typical timeframes that AVs, Designees, and underlying customers expect. AVs and Designees are asked to remember that applications that are incomplete or contain discrepancies from Part I applications will take longer to process and will result in Need Info requests, which require complete and timely AV responses to verify the application. The Program Administrator is available to support AVs and Designees with application questions and appreciates the patience of stakeholders as we calibrate resources to meet application processing needs.