June 14, 2024

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Revised Illinois Shines Portal Landing Page
An announcement about the June 30, 2024 retirement of the legacy site has been added to the current portal.

Disclosure Form Portal True-up
This enhancement aligns all Disclosure Form field length input masks on the portal with that in the CSV and API intake methods. This will help ensure that all data ingested into Disclosure Forms match up and help reduce PDF pagination issues.

CS Pagination – Large Field Character limits: Several Fields: EG “supply_rate_formula” still allow 2000 characters, causing pagination issues
This enhancement reduces the Community Solar Disclosure Form payment method questions maximum text length from 2000 characters to 500 characters. This change will help reduce pagination issues in the PDF Disclosure Form.


Correct kWh text on DF REC Calculator
The Unit Label on the “Projects estimated first year production (kWh)” field in the “Illinois Shines Incentive Payment” section of DG Disclosure Forms was corrected from KW to kWh.

Restore password expiring email reminder process
The Portal will now send Notification Emails asking Users to Change their Login Password 10 days before their password is scheduled to expire.

[DG DF API] Missing mapping for field 2
Lease and PPA Distributed Generation Disclosure Forms created via API did not include a key value pair for the conditionally required question “Explain the calculation for the purchase price:*” (located in the final section “Additional Terms and Disclosures:”). A new key value pair has been added so AV/Ds using the API can now include an explanation.