June 29, 2023

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Market Facing Enhancements:

  • Spanish Translated Version of Disclosure Forms
    The Spanish language version of Disclosure Form PDFs for the 2023 Program Year have been released. The Spanish Language version can be selected by checking the “Export PDF in Spanish?” option when creating a Disclosure Form
  • Make Utility Dropdown lists in Disclosure Forms unique to CS and DG versions
    Previously both CS and DG disclosure forms included the same list of options for the Utility company drop down selector. Going forward the Utility Dropdown on the CS Disclosure Form will only include 3 options (Ameren Illinois, ComEd, and Jo-Carroll) whereas DG will include 6 options (Ameren Illinois, ComEd, MidAmerican, Mt. Carmel, Municipal Utility and Rural Electric Cooperative). This will help prevent selection of an invalid Utility Company Option when creating a Disclosure Form.
  • Cascading Drop Downs for “Municipal Utility” and “Rural Electric Cooperative” utility names on DG Disclosure Forms.
    On DG Disclosure Forms, when “Rural Electric Cooperative” or “Municipal Utility” is selected as the utility, a new field with a drop-down list of all known Municipal Utilities or Rural Electric Cooperatives will display. If the needed utility is not present, selecting “other” from this list will display a free entry text field to enter the name of the new utility. This will help standardize the names used for Municipal Utilities and Rural Electric Cooperatives for better reporting and alignment with Groups A or B.
  • Prompt for Group A/Group B selection when selecting “other” for Utility in DG Project Applications
    When selecting “Other” as the name of a Municipal Utility or Rural Electric Cooperative in a DG Project Application, the system will now prompt to also select a “Utility Region”, either ‚Miso Group A‚ or ‚PGM Group B‚ in addition to the Utility’s Name. This will help ensure all Project Applications are aligned with a program block.

Market Facing Bugfixes:

  • AV Project Workbench Application Workbench view errors
    Issue: On AVs’ Project Applications workbench, statuses “Need Info”, “Reviewed”, “Withdrawn”, “Updated”, “Consumer Protection Hold”, and “Not Accepted” were not properly populating in the “Part 2 Status” column and were missing appropriate action buttons.
    Resolution: All Part 2 Statuses have been updated to show appropriate status badges and action buttons. The dropdown menu can also be used to filter applications by status.”
  • Disclosure Form eSignature Recipient Name and Email not populating on Disclosure Forms created from CSV Upload
    Disclosure Forms created from CSV upload were not populating the customer’s name or email address in the eSignature section, requiring these fields to be manually entered when completing eSignature. This has been corrected and will now populate on creation of the disclosure form from a CSV file upload.
  • Community Solar Disclosure Form API: Refund Type field
    This issue was specific to Disclosure Forms created via the API (from 3rd party software integrations). The Refund Type field is a dropdown list with 5 options (No Refund, Partial Refund, Full Refund, N/A – no payments until project is operating, and N/A – Project is already operational) Previously when “N/A  – project is already operational” was selected, the API was converting the value to “N/A – no payments until project is operating”. This has been corrected and the API will now accept all 5 values.
  • Community Solar Disclosure Form API: invoice_type, name_1, amount_1, when_applicable_1 fields
    This issue was specific to Disclosure Forms created via the API (from 3rd party software integrations).
    The following fields, which were not previously populating when creating a Community Solar Disclosure Form via the API, will now populate when specified in the API call:
  • invoice_type
  • name_1
  • amount_1
  • when_applicable_1