Surveys for Feedback on REC Adder and Disclosure Form Updates – Response Deadline July 24

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Dear Illinois Shines stakeholders:

The Illinois Power Agency is requesting initial input on two topics through the below linked surveys.

Stranded Customer REC Pricing Adder
The first survey seeks feedback related to the development of the REC adder (an additional financial incentive added to a base REC price) for Approved Vendors who take on solar projects for stranded customers (customers whose original installer and/or Approved Vendor is no longer available). For more information on the REC adder, please see Section of the 2024 Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan. The survey seeks information about companies’ experiences related to stranded customers, and feedback on the costs and risks associated with taking on stranded customers. The Agency encourages entities who both have and have not taken on stranded customers to complete this survey. Additional background information is provided in the survey and may be previewed at the Program website’s Consumer Protection Initiatives page in the REC Adder section.

Click here to take the survey on the stranded customer REC adder.


Net Metering Changes Coming in 2025
The second survey seeks feedback to inform updates to Disclosure Forms in light of the changes in net metering policy coming in 2025. Beginning January 1, 2025, Commonwealth Edison and Ameren Illinois will provide supply-only net metering, rather than full retail rate net metering, to new residential and small commercial net metering customers. This means that while the amount of electricity that a customer pulls from the grid and sends to the grid will be netted to calculate a net kWh usage to generate supply charges, these customers will pay delivery charges on the gross among of electricity pulled from the grid. Current Disclosure Forms estimate the value of electricity generated by residential and small commercial solar projects by assuming generation is valued at the utility’s retail rate for electricity. The Agency will need to use a different valuation for generation from DG projects that receive supply-only net metering. The survey seeks feedback on a proposal for estimating a $/kWh value for generation under supply-only net metering, as well as additional information related to this issue. Additional context is provided in the survey introduction.

Click here to take the survey on updating Disclosure Forms for supply-only net metering.


While responses to both surveys are optional, feedback from stakeholders is incredibly important in informing the Agency’s development of the REC adder for taking on stranded customers and an updated approach to Disclosure Form estimates. Approved Vendors, Designees, Grassroots Educators, and other stakeholders have first-hand experience working in the Programs and/or working with customers, and the information and perspective this provides cannot be overstated. The Agency thanks stakeholders for taking the time to share their experience with us as we work to update and improve our solar Programs.

Thank you!    
Illinois Shines Program    
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