Interconnection Agreements and Certificates of Completion

Interconnection Agreements and certificates of completion (COC)/permission to operate (PTO) are reviewed for accuracy during application processing. They do not have to match the application exactly and when the Interconnection Agreement or COC/PTO is equal or greater to the size listed on the application, the application can now be validated. (Applications in this situation may […]

Application Tips and Tricks – Signatures

Supplementing previous guidance, the Program Administrator seeks to continue supporting stakeholders in the avoidance of project applications entering Need Info status.

Errors in Filling Out DG Disclosure Forms

In reviewing completed Disclosure Forms, the Program Administrator has noticed several concerning patterns of fields being completed incorrectly or incompletely, which then provides incorrect or inadequate information to the customer. When the Program Administrator finds Disclosure Forms with errors, it may require the Approved Vendor or Designee to have the customer re-sign a corrected Disclosure […]