April 3, 2024

Enhancements:  Help AVs fill out applications by showing AC and DC sizes from Disclosure Form: Show AC and DC system sizes from earlier application stages to help AVs fill out applications. The AC and DC sizes from the Disclosure Form will be shown on Part I, section 4, and the AC and DC sizes from the […]

March 20, 2024 

Enhancement  EOL: Expose Contract Documents to AV  AVs will now have the ability to view details of their contracts and the associated document PDFs directly from the Portal. This section can be accessed by selecting Contracts -> View Contracts from the main menu.  Disclosure Forms: Multiple Price to Compare Note in CS  This enhancement adds […]

March 5, 2024

Enhancement Disclosure Form CSVs – Portal Validation Fixes This enhancement will update the Portals CSV Disclosure Form import validations to match the latest Disclosure Form CSV templates.

February 21, 2024

Enhancements, Features and Bug Fixes DG API – Create Disclosure Form DG Enhancement – Update Party Enums to replace Seller with Lessor for Lease Forms only The API Endpoint to create DG Disclosure Forms has been updated to also accept the value of “Lessor” in several DG Disclosure Form fields to identify the responsible party […]

February 7, 2024

Market Facing Enhancements, Features, and Bug Fixes DG Disclosure Form Portal Forms Bugfix: Generic Error Message prevents actionable validation errors from displayingThis enhancement applies to error messaging within the “Project Design Specifications” section of DG Disclosure Forms. Previously, if any required fields were left blank, the Disclosure Form would give a generic pop-up error message. […]

December 22, 2023

Market Facing Enhancements, Features, and Bug Fixes Disclosure Form (DF) Enhancement: Make “Upload or Review Documents” button functional regardless of validationsSome values in older, previously submitted DFs don’t always meet the field validation requirements for the current Disclosure Forms accepted by the portal. Previously, when navigating to the “Download PDF copies” page for older DFs, […]

December 13, 2023

Market Facing Enhancements: Validation when bi-facial question not answered on arraysThis enhancement adds a validation to array details sections (Part II, Section 4 and Part II, Section 1) where section cannot be completed until bi-facial question is answered for each array. Part II: Validations This feature adds program specific validations into the Part IIThis feature […]