The 2022 Long-Term Plan features a strong set of consumer protections as part of both the Adjustable Block Program and Illinois Solar For All for distributed generation and community solar. The Agency has considered the development of safeguards for consumers a vital component in ensuring the success of both programs. A project that successfully applies to one of these programs stands to receive a financial benefit from the program in the form of a REC delivery contract and by extension from the ratepayers who fund it. Requiring clear and consistent information on the relationships among the end customer, the installer/developer, and the Approved Vendor is critical to ensuring that the fiscal risks and controls of these programs are properly and prudently managed.  

Changes in law under the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (Public Act 102-0662) require the Agency, along with its Program Administrators, to propose various program terms, conditions, and requirements applicable to participating entities and project applications. Stakeholders should consult the 2022 Long-Term Plan, the Program Guidebook, and the newly-published Consumer Protection Handbook, which replaces the previously-published Marketing Guidelines, to understand and comply with consumer protections requirements.   

In support of these efforts, an array of materials and resources for both consumers and stakeholders are available, including information on:  

  • Consumer Complaints  
  • Disciplinary Actions 
  • Consumer Protection Database 
  • Expanded Consumer Protection Working Group 
  • Going Solar resource 
  • Complaint Center