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Approved Vendor and Designee Disclosure Form Resources

Since the inception of the Illinois Shines and Illinois Solar for All programs, the Illinois Power Agency has required that standard Disclosure Forms be provided to customers for their signature, with those customer-executed forms then submitted to the appropriate Program Administrator. The customer must sign their completed Disclosure Form prior to signing an installation contract or subscription agreement. 

The Program website provides consumer-oriented Disclosure Form resources, including the Disclosure Forms Deep Dive tool. To support participating Approved Vendors and Designees, this page provides quick links to vendor-oriented Disclosure Form resources available at the Program website.

Portal Updates & Help Guides


May 18, 2023 New Disclosure Form Informational Webinar, including webinar recording, presentation slides and Q&A 

Disclosure Form FAQs

Disclosure Form topics at the Vendor FAQs page.

Program Documents

This document provides input rates that are utilized within the Program portal for calculations. For Distributed Generation, these include the Current Average Retail Rate (for ComEd/Ameren/MidAmerican) used to calculate the Savings Estimates for DG Disclosure Forms, and for rural electric co-ops or municipal utilities, an average statewide retail rate is used and updated annually. For Community Solar, a Price to Compare is provided for the utilities. Click here to access the current Portal Input Rates document.